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I recently received a letter from a man named David (I’m not sure if he wants privacy or if it would be okay for me to mention what the name of his group??),  that asked, “We really like your page, but I had a question for you…Can shadow people hurt you and or are they bad or good?”

Here is my response below:


Hi David,

I’m Mary Marshall, The Paranormal MD, and I’d be happy to answer your question.

To be honest, no one knows for sure what or who shadow people are. It is suspected that they are ghosts of the deceased who for some reason cannot manifest themselves enough as to appear as full bodied apparitions. With this being said, some may not be the ghosts of our dead, but beings that were never of this world.

The one common thread about shadow people is that other than sleeking around in the shadows as shadows themselves, they do not seem to have much interaction with the living. Other than playing a game of cat and mouse with us, there hasn’t been much interaction reported by investigators who have come across them. So in general my answer would be to tell you that you have nothing to fear from a shadow person. Yes, they look creepy and it can be startling to come across one and see it, but generally speaking, I cannot think of a case in which a shadow person caused anyone any harm. With this being said, IF some shadow people are in fact the ghosts of the dead, they may not only be capable of appearing as a shadow person, but be possible of other activity that is more typical of the nature of a ghost. So moving objects, touching of someone, other type of communication, etc. would be possible. We just aren’t sure if the shadow person and the other ghosts we come across in the same location are one in the same or different entities. In cases where only shadow people have been spotted and named as the main paranormal activity, there are usually no reports of any type of harm of any kind happening to anyone.

Keep in mind, if someone was not a nice person in this life, they aren’t going to a nice person in the next dimension. If a person was a jokester while alive in our realm, they more than likely will be a jokester in the next realm they inhabit. So there could be taunting, pranks, or completely passive behavior exhibited.

Alright, here is the tough antidote to tell people….. shadow people aren’t always poorly manifested ghosts or benign beings of another type. VERY rarely demonic beings appear as nothing more than a darkened shadow. So understandably there always remains concern when they are discovered. However, in the rare instance that the shadow being is something demonic in nature you will know it. Even if they are intent on “tricking” you into a false sense of security, their facade won’t last long. At the very least, in a short period of time you will come to know it because the demonic will not be content to be a wall flower.  Again, this is a rare occurrence, but they do exist and you should be aware of this. In my personal experience anyone who has come across something demonic knows it. They will come across as more than just an angry ghost and demonics can hurt you.

So to sum up, shadow people are usually a class of benign entity that in general isn’t too interactive with the living. If there is no other evidence of ghostly activity, you have nothing to fear. If the shadow person is only one display of an intelligent ghost residing in a location, and it seems to be nasty or mean in nature. Possible displays of some mild forms of aggression, and even physical aggression could occur. However, claiming your space and basically putting the nasty spirited dead person/ghost in its place by standing firm and not allowing it to bully you does work in quieting them down. As one final note that I hope will put your mind at ease, in all my years investigating, combined with others out there that I know or know of who’ve either lived with or investigated shadow people, I can only think of one instance in which any ghost or shadow person unprovoked, aggressively attacked and hurt anyone, or intentionally made them feel ill.

About Mary

My name is Mary and I founded a paranormal investigative group named The Paranormal MD. I also work as an educator teaching at a local college on the topic of the paranormal, and as a consultant and public speaker on the subject of how science relates to the paranormal realm, and of course, on the topic of paranormal investigating.

Through years of research and investigating I have educated myself in the field of paranormal phenomena. I have done extensive research into the causes of paranormal activity.

I believe in discarnate souls, in a haunting, in poltergeist, in colliding dimensions, in shadow people. I also believe in anomalies, the paranormal in the true sense of the meaning of the word, in science, and the explainable.

The art of science is creativity at its best. It is taking chaos, random, and the unexplainable and making sense of it all in a logical manner that lends to us a solution.

It is about identifying the patterns of events, circumstance, and chance, and creating rules, laws, and certainty. By examining all possibilities and experimentation, understanding will be ascertained.

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11 Responses to Shadow People

    Scott Cashman says:

    Hi Mary
    I wonder if you think that repeated visits to a location where a shadow person has been seen might help in understanding and communicating with the entity. To me its not just enough to see them, I’d really like to know what they are doing.

  1. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to send you an email. I’ve got some recommendations for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it develop over time.

  2. You can contact me via my main website at

  3. We’d all like to know what the shadow people are doing..especially when no one is around to see them. Are they still lurking in the shadows? :o) Yes, I joke, but soon I will be addressing your question, at least in part, with a new blog entry.

  4. I have a friend named Lyndsy, she and her mother have seen a dark black figure In their house. This house has always seemed to b bad luck for the family. Her mother was happily married for 20yrs. And after they moved there, they were divorced on two months and now she has blood cancer and there is pretty much no help for her, which very sad. Now my friend Lyndsy feels very uncomfortable she feels like its feeding off her moms sickness and may b the cause,if u could give me some advice on what to do.

  5. Visit my main website at: and send me an email via

    référencement haute savoie says:

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    Wayne Texeira says:

    I was plagued by shadow people in a New York city project building. It started when i was very young,,the last shadow person i saw in that apartment,i was 29 years old. I believe that they can whisper into the ears of the sick,and drug addicted people.Negative results follow, if indeed the victim can’t resist.

  6. I hate those things. The first time I saw one was at the age of a infant. I don’t know why but this is my earliest memory. My mother put me to bed next to her and my father soon followed. I was in the middle; after they turned off the lights, I’ll never forget this shadow person standing, smiling, with black sunglasses and a hat doing the “captain Morgan” pose.
    I’ll say years later when I was 10, I saw one again. This time, it was different. It was a shadow person; a pure evil one. After my father showed me the new house we would move in to, we went upstairs. Half way upstairs is a door way leading outside the house. As I turn around, I saw it as tall as 7 feet; with red eyes; and we made eye contact. I did a karate kick towards it becaus I was a child not knowing better. My life changed after this day. I was hunted by this creature for 9 years. I believe it was a demon and it’s goal is to break up a family because my family loved each other and your bond becomes 20 times stronger everytime we leave that house. In the end, I moved from that house and years later I found out that previous couple that lived there, the old woman died where I saw that thing and the husband died on his was to the hospital. They were old and I know the neighbors know because they were friends and they are old as well.
    My question is that could they be creatures or people Your earolier generation cursed to follow us and cause us harm?

  7. This require a lengthy answer. I will answer and address it with a blog entry soon

    Tuesday Gray says:

    Hey, me and my husband were sitting outside on our front porch and we both spotted a shadow figure walking past us. We looked over and instantly it was gone, as soon as we seen it I got sharp pains in my back and stomach. And I was reading this blog and I noticed where it says if there is no other ghost activity then we have nothing to worry about, our house is in fact haunted. We have both heard and seen stuff in my house and walking around my house. And right as we seen it we got up and ran in and there is thumping noises in and outside of my house. I’m concerned because we have my niece and help babysit a one year old baby and I don’t want to take the chance of them getting hurt, is there any way we can get them out of our home and away from here? Would bringing in a priest rid them? I don’t want to make them feel threatened because I would never even attempt to harm them, I just want them gone. Let me know as soon as you can. Thank you.

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